1,200 miles of backcountry trail await you!
Do you have what it takes to hike 100 miles in a summer? Challenge yourself by joining the 100 Mile Hiking Club.

Yellowstone National Park is in a league of its own.  From unparalleled thermal features to abundant wildlife, from high mountain scenery to its rich history as the world's first national park, Yellowstone holds a special place in the natural world and our culture.  As Yellowstone employees we have time to explore its frontcountry boardwalks and its 1,200 miles of backcountry trails.  There is no better way to come to know Yellowstone than to lace up your boots and witness firsthand what has made this corner of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a place that leaves a lasting imprint on so many who work here.

Our 100 Mile Hiking Club challenges employees to hike, in a single summer season, 100 miles within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  A $10 membership fee entitles you to a membership t-shirt, hike log sheet, and Day Hiking Yellowstone, a hiking guide written by former YNP employee and author Tom Carter.  This compact, easy to carry book highlights twenty classic Yellowstone hikes along with helpful information about staying safe in the park's wild, remote, high altitude terrain.

Hiking 100 miles earns members an achievement t-shirt (that's two shirts for $10!), a keychain, and a certificate proclaiming their accomplishment.  Lifelong Hiking Club members can work towards the 500, 1,000, or 5,000 mile milestones.

In 2013, two hundred employees completed a hiking club milestone.  That's at least 20,000 miles hiked! And let's be honest, a lot of members hiked far more than 100 miles!  Imagine all they experienced and shared with each other on trail.  For just one story out of the many read about Elizabeth Tuttle, a first time hiker whose life changed hiking the trails of YNP.

Join the 100 Mile Hiking Club at any location recreation office.  All you need is $10 and a sense of adventure!