3on3bbchamps11All major locations in Yellowstone have basketball courts, which are located inside, outside, or both. For more information on basketball court facilities on a specific location, use the Indoor Facilities & Outdoor Facilities links on this site.

League Basketball is operated every summer. League play begins in late June and continues every Tuesday evening through July. Playoffs begin late July. All summer arriving employees who are interested in league basketball should visit their location Employee Recreation Office as soon as possible to sign up on a roster. Team rosters for all league sports are due mid June.

bbleaguechamps11Those interested in participating in the Softball, Basketball, or Volleyball Leagues must attend one of the League Sports Meetings, which are scheduled at the beginning of the season.

The 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament is a basketball tournament event that is separate from league play. This tournament begins with location playoffs in mid June. Ask your location Employee Recreation Staff for more details on times and team bracketing. Location winners will advance to the Parkwide Tournament, which will be held in the Mammoth Employee Recreation Hall the following week. Location winners will be given specific information on the play times for this tournament.