Summer 2023 Photo Contest Winners


First Place:
Employee Experience: David Goza – Xanterra
Night: Eric Aschen – Xanterra
Wildlife: Linda Updike – Xanterra
Close Up: David Goza – Xanterra
Living Land: Kyle Vetter – NPS

Second Place:
Employee Experience: Eric Alfonso – NPS
Night: David Goza – Xanterra
Wildlife: Stacy O’Nell – Xanterra
Close Up: Kyle Vetter – NPS
Living Land: Joe Brasel – Xanterra

Third Place:
Employee Experience: Kimberly Steiner – Xanterra
Night: Maddi Quamme – Xanterra
Wildlife: David Goza – Xanterra
Close Up: Steve Clark – Xanterra 
Living Land: Pei Hsuan Su – Xanterra

Thank you to all who submitted and voted!

Christine Sherry