Cougar 2Mountain lion, cougar, puma, panther, catamount – this animal has more names than any other mammal in the Western Hemisphere, yet it is seldom-seen and shrouded in mystery.  Learn where cougars live in Yellowstone, explore their biology and ecology, and look into their secretive lives through the lenses of hidden cameras.

Carolyn Harwood is a Resident Instructor with the Yellowstone Association Institute.  She studied Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management at Northern Michigan University and is a Certified Interpretive Trainer through the National Association for Interpretation.  For several years, she has studied, tracked, and filmed mountain lions in her free time.

Wednesday, June 29                  6:00 pm                        Mammoth Conference Room

Tuesday, July 26                          7:00 pm                        Old Faithful Recreation Hall

Wednesday, July 27                    7:00 pm                        Lake Recreation Hall