Winter 2022-2023 Photo Contest Winners!

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Snow and Ice:
1st – Peter Goodman, “Sun Extravaganza”, Xanterra
2nd – Matthew Swett, “Tangled Creek”, Delaware North
3rd – Josie Weaver, “Snowball Tree”, YCERP

1st – Hershey Youtz, “A Sleepy Inn”, Xanterra
2nd – Isaac Rath, “Red Moon Rising”, Xanterra
3rd – Serona Austin, “Hi Sky”, Xanterra

1st – Hershey Youtz, “Adorable Weasel of the Hellscape”, Xanterra
2nd – Peter Goodman, “Three Amigos”, Xanterra
3rd – Haily Reinhardt, “Kitty on a Kill”, Xanterra

Employee Experience:
1st – Peter Goodman, “Baby Its Cold Outside”, Xanterra
2nd – Brittany Kinney, “Life is Good”, YCERP
3rd – Matthew Swett, “Wolves in the Morning”, Delaware North

Thank you to all who submitted and voted!

Christine Sherry