Photo by Jim Peaco; Photo Courtesy of Yellowstone National Park


7:00 PM

Attend this exciting seminar about wolves presented by Douglas Smith PhD, Senior Wildlife Biologist in Yellowstone National Park.

Along with supervising the wolf, bird and elk programs, he has published a wide variety of journal articles and book chapters on beavers, wolves, and birds.  He has also co-authored three popular books on wolves (The Wolves of Yellowstone & Decade of the Wolf which won the 2005 Montana book award for best book published in Montana) as well as publishing numerous popular articles. The third book, Wolves on the Hunt, came out in May 2015. He has participated in a number of documentaries about wolves for National Geographic and British Broadcasting Company (BBC) as well as other media. 

His professional interests include wolf population dynamics, wolf-prey relationships, restoration of ecological processes, raptor conservation, and beaver population dynamics.